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Conference Roundup

I work this week but I have Defcon 28 on my radar. I hope to watch talks while at work but I'll probably end up catching most of them in the evenings. A nice thing about virtual confs is it seems like the recordings are done earlier. Here's a list of the talks I hope to watch:

I won't be in Discord. I haven't had the courage to sign up for an account. I'm immensely distrusting of web apps due to all the data that can be thrown around. I may cave and sign up but for the moment, I'll simply have to watch from afar. I also don't have a Twitch account so there won't be any interaction from me. I'll likely do a followup post with some reviews.

Which brings me to a side rant about Twitter. In several posts I've mentioned that I don't want to sign up for Twitter due to their phone number requirement. Sure, I could use a burner but I'm still not convinced that's enough of a separation.

It's a weird spot for me because I feel like Twitter is a necessity for networking given that I'm unable to attend local events. It keeps the conversation going long after. I currently don't have any networking options online (especially after I panic deleted my Masotodon account) so this blog is it for now. These conferences may be enough for me to cave and hand over my personal information but time will tell.

I do, however, have a Slack account. Not because I trust them any more than I trust the others but because I was required to have an account for my current and previous few jobs. I'll be using that account to chat a little during USENIX Security '20 (and by extension, SOUPS/CSET/ScAINet/WOOT/FOCI). Here's the list of talks I hope to watch for those events:

What a list! Most of the USENIX talks appear to be 15min long so I expect them to simply be a general explanation of their research papers. I'll use the presentations to filter out which papers I care to read and/or investigate further. I'm excited for the next few days!

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