Ascia Technologies, LLC

Ascia Technologies, LLC is a small consultancy owned by Christopher M. Hobbs. We have been operating out of the foothills of the Ozark Mountains since 2006 and are a continuation of the work of Altbit Development, LLC and Graft, LLC.

We are a generalist shop with a personal touch and a focus on Free Software. We provide a wide range of services that include: backend development, systems development, API development, data mining, system automation, GNU+Linux/BSD systems administration, small to medium network administration, code audits, binary analysis, pentesting, physical security audits, training, mentoring, and advising.

We would love the opportunity to work with you! Please email Christopher with any requests:

Client Feedback

"If you're outsourcing your technology development or contracting additional support for your technology team, you must consider Chris Hobbs as your partner. In addition to being one of the best developers I have ever worked with, he approaches all his engagements with care, passion, and a high standard of excellence. Chris has been and remains an invaluable member of our GPA team both as our former Chief Technology Officer and as our lead Technology Contractor today. He is a trusted advisor and a champion for our mission, our business, and our success. I highly recommend Chris to any organization from nonprofit to startup to corporate."

- Dr. Adam Arroyos, CEO - Grandslam Performance Associates

"The City of Siloam Springs has contracted Christopher Hobbs for annual network and physical security audits since 2015. Chris always treats us to a complete and very thorough service involving weeks of preparation followed by clearly outlined penetration test. He sets schedules and makes sure the appropriate staff are aware of his activities. Per prior agreement, unless he finds a serious security flaw, he will remain unseen until the testing period is complete. At that point he provides a very detailed report that includes well researched and easy to understand recommendations for tightening up our network security. Of note is the social engineering portion of the test. His staff will attempt to gain access to predetermined locations via interaction with our employees. Because of this, we've been able to educate our staff and better secure data belonging to our customers.

During the post testing phase, he provides one on one or group reports and is happy to answer any questions in a way that is easy for all staff to understand. I highly recommend Chris for security testing."

- Sam Dee, I.T. Manager - City of Siloam Springs

"I began working with Christopher Hobbs in 2016 when I needed a third-party audit of a website API and database I was having developed. This was a critical step since we were collecting health information and data integrity was a top priority. After having multiple organizations either give me bloated service quotes or outright state they would be unable to meet the stringency of my requirements, Chris stepped in. He was polite, prompt and professional every step of the way even though we had a number of delays and set-backs on our own end through no fault of Chris. In the end, his audit was wonderfully thorough and the feedback we received gave us an even better product than we started with, leading to a secure API we still have in use today. I cannot recommend Chris enough to anyone needing similar coding and development services and would gladly work with him again if given the opportunity. Thanks, Chris!"

- Chad Murchison - Oregon Health Sciences University